Cedar Valley Church is partnering with Venture Expeditions to feed as many starving people as we can through the Hope for Dinner program. Hope for Dinner challenges individuals, families, and communities to engage in biblical justice on behalf of those who are poor and hungry.

We run to feed starving people.

Run for the Border is a chance to get active and feed starving families through Hope for Dinner. Members raise funds by participating in a 5k, 10k, half marathon, full marathon, or 100 Mile Run. Groups or Individuals who are unable to participate in one of the organized runs are able to join by collectively logging 100 miles as a group or setting a mileage goal and logging their miles over the course of seven weeks.

Funds raised through Run for the Border will to directly toward feeding families in Thailand and Burma. We can provide thousands of meals for families in desperate need if everyone participates.

10 cents provides one meal. How many people will you feed?

Help a Run for the Border participant meet his or her fundraising goal by clicking on their name/group below

100 Mile Runners

Brent Silkey
Joey Dvorscak
Erik and Diane Skoog
Pete Dolan
Justin Hanson
Jeff Cornwell
Josiah Kennealy
Brent Wipf
Andrew Johnston
Micah MacDonald

Border Day Runners

Melissa Michael
Becky Haar  
Kristyn Haar
Lauren Heath
Eli Jeans
Jack Jeans
Scott and Dawn Miller
Tracie Jones
Emma and Hayley Skoog
Amber Linz
Katherine Broderson
Sam Heath
Raquel Heath
Amanda Novak
Micah Draeger
Kandi Groth
Jill Heath
John and Jenny Madden
Cori Leik
Micah Dalluge
Nathan Grabrian

Groups or Individuals

Dianne and Amy Kelly
Fern S – Praise, Passion & Prayer for Hope for Dinner
Shelter Life Group
Wenda and Sydney Dolan
Nicole Heinz


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